Unboxing the T1 Tomahawk

Congratulations on receiving the most advanced Tape Measure ever made.  The T1 Tomahawk is a remarkable product that enhances your construction site with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Begin your journey by unboxing the components of the T1 Tomahawk packaging. 

REEKON Tools T1 Unboxing Tape Measure.jpg

Inside the T1 Packaging, you will find the following items:

  • T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure
  • b1 Rechargeable Battery 
  • Printed Quick Start Guide (you can also download additional copies here)
  • REEKON Sticker
  • T1 Holster 
  • StealthMounts Wall Mount for T1

Next, we will install the battery and power up the T1 Tomahawk for the first time.

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  • Why T1 is not on Amazon like M1 any specific reason why can't someone buy T1 you know it looks so fishy that way, Anyone got any Answer for that?

  • Hello, we are finishing fulfilling pre orders before we move to general retail availability.  


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