T1 Tomahawk and ROCK Jobsite App - Getting Started Sharing Measurements

Measurements may be shared, automatically, with the ROCK Jobsite App allowing for sharing and using measurements as a part of calculations.  These measurements can be imported over bluetooth from the T1 Tomahawk.

Currently, measurements are only sent once and one way to the ROCK Jobsite app (if you delete a measurement on the ROCK app, it will not delete it on the T1 and vise versa). This may be something that is changed in the future as the T1 has teh capability for two way measurements sharing.

1) Download and install the ROCK Jobsite App (if not already installed)

  • ROCK Jobsite App Download link
  • Login in to your account and navigate to the Area where you would like the measurements sent
  • Measurements will be sent to the last Area you visited (or the one you are currently in)

2) On the bottom menu, navigate to the Tools Menu

  • Ensure the ROCK App has bluetooth permissions granted on your phone

3) Select Scan button

  • T1 should be powered on and nearby phone

4) Select T1 that you want to connect to

  • Serial name will match serial name of T1 located on bottom product label

5) Confirm you are connected and start sharing measurements

  • Congratulations, you are now connected.  Measurements will begin to send over for any new measurements. 
  • Area must be selected for measurements to be populated into (navigate to area where you would like measurements to be sent to
  • Old measurements (saved previously on E-paper display) will also be sent if it is the first time that they are shared with a connected ROCK app.




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