Taking an Internal (Inside) Measurement with the T1 Tomahawk

The T1 can measure either from the front reference surface or from the back of the T1. When capturing an internal measurement, the T1 automatically compensates for the length of the tape measure body and allows the rear reference surface to be used to capture internal measurements.

Tape Measure Internal Measurement.gif

1) Select the Menu button to enter the Quick Action Menu

T1 Quick Menu Button.png

2) Use the scroll arrows to navigate to "TOGGLE MB MF"

Toggle Measure Back REEKON.png

3) Select the Menu Button again to confirm

T1 Quick Menu Button.png

4) The OLED Screen now displays both the rear bracket as well as the internal measurement that the T1 is measuring

Measure Back Mode.png
  • To exit TOGGLE MB/MF mode, repeat procedure in reverse with repestive option highlighted - screen will return to normal appearance (without flashing frame) if properly cleared
  • Selecting the "EXIT" option exits the Quick Menu without modifying selection
  • Selecting "CLEAR ALL" removes all active menu options


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