Finding the Center of a Given Distance

The T1 Tomahawk can quickly locate the center distance of the extended tape blade by automatically splitting the measurement in half.  This feature can be used in combination with other measurement functions (internal measurements, relative measurements, etc).


1) Select the Menu button to enter the Quick Action Menu

T1 Quick Menu Button.png

2) Use the scroll arrows to navigate to "SHOW CENTER"

T1 center finding.png

3) Select the Menu Button again to confirm selection.

T1 Quick Menu Button.png

4) The OLED Screen now displays both the center finding arrows as well as the center measurement that the T1 is measuring

T1 Center finding 2.png

  • To exit SHOW CENTER mode, repeat procedure in reverse with repestive option highlighted - screen will return to normal appearance (without flashing frame) if properly cleared
  • Selecting the "EXIT" option exits the Quick Menu without modifying selection
  • Selecting "CLEAR ALL" removes all active menu options


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  • I would like to use the laser to find the center between two points. Ideally after hitting find center I would turn on the laser. It would blink as I close the tape and get closer to the center point, then turn solid when center line is found, so I may mark it. Is this possible?

  • Hi Erik, to do this, first enter "Center" mode to find the center of a measurement.  Hit the save button to save it to the epaper display.  

    Next, leave center mode, scroll up to highlight the center measurement on the epaper screen, and enter "Layout Guide" mode.  This will now turn on the laser as it approached the center dimension and will transition from blinking to solid once it reached it.


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