Why are there certain features I see in the Quick Start Guide but are not on my T1?

The T1 Tomahawk has continually updated features that are added on a monthly basis through Over The Air (OTA) updates. If there are new features (or slightly different appearances), they are likely due to a different and newer firmware version running on the T1 Tomahawk.  OTA updates may be performed through the ROCK app and ensure your T1 is both performing at the highest level possible.

Please see the article OTA Updates for further details. 

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  • The "Create Group" and "Layout Guide" functions are still not showing up on my T1. I have just updated to the latest firmware. Is there an ETA on when these features will be available on the device?

  • Hey Scotto, looking to have these ready in the coming months once fully validated and tested! 

  • I had the same question but for some reason it wasn't easy finding the answer to my question 😕

  • Hallo I also can not get the layout gide and group

  • This after uploaden the newest update.


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