Downloading the ROCK Jobsite App

Getting started with the ROCK Jobsite app is simple and can be downloaded from both the Apple iOS App Store as well as the Google Play store. The ROCK App works across many modern phones and tablets.

Select the link below to download to your device or click here on you mobile device or tablet.

App Store Link (iOS Devices)

app store copy.png

Play Store Link (Android Devices)



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  • Download link doesn’t work, can’t find this on apple iOS App Store either. Can you help please?

  • Hello!  We are awaiting approval in both stores and will update as soon as complete! 

  • Cheers Derrick, looking forward to the T1 arriving whenever it does. just seems odd that you're advertising the software ready for download, you mentioned it would be ready by 14th, yet it hasn't happened. it's ok as things like this are external issues such as the app store being a bit funny on software approval basis, I know that only too well. Keep up the amazing work, you have equipment that will change the way people work for the better.

  • I see the Google Play store app is live. Is the iOS still on hold?


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