Changing Default Units

Measurement units are global throughout the ROCK Jobsite App.  While certain features allow for selection within the app, global units generate dictate the form measurements take anywhere in the app. By default, units are in inches (1/32 inch).

To change global units:

  1. On the bottom menu, navigate to "Settings" page
  2. Under the Settings section, select "Default Units"
    • ROCK App English and Metric Units.PNG
  3. Select Units to be used throughout app. The following units can be selected:
    • centimeters (cm)
    • millimeters (mm)
    • meters (m)
    • inches decimal (in)
    • feet decimal (ft)
    • inches fractional (1/16")
    • inches fractional (1/32")
    • feet inches decimal (ft in)
    • feet inches fractional (1/32)

Inches fractional can be selected between 1/16" tolerance or 1/32" tolerance.  Internally (in the app database), any measurements are not rounded in any units ensuring that you can always switch between units without losing accuracy.

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