Sharing Projects

Projects may be shared with other users to allow viewing and collaboration in real time.  Sharing is done at the project level (sharing cannot be done at any lower level).

  1. Navigate to the Projects screen by selecting the "Projects" Icon at the bottom of the screen
  2. On the Project to be shared, swipe left on it and select the pencil, edit, icon
    • ROCK App Edit Project.png
  3. Scroll down the bottom of the Edit Project Page and select the pencil icon surrounded by a dotted circle under the "Project Collaborators" section
    • ROCK App Sharing Project .png
  4. On the Project Collaborators screen, select the "+" icon in the bottom right corner. 
  5. Enter the email of the user to share the project with
    • ROCK App Sharing Project 2.png
    • User must have a registered ROCK Jobsite account to share a project with them
  6. Select permissions for shared user
    • Owner - All permissions enabled and can do anything in a project
    • Editor - all edit permissions in a project outside of deleting project
    • Collaborator - can view and create items 
    • Viewer - can view all data but not modify anything. Read only permission
  7. Select Save Collaborator

The shared project will appear almost instantly with a notification to the shared users account.  In some phones, you may need to pull down to refresh the page, restart the app, or restart your phone before the shared project appears.

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