Measurements and Objects

All data within the ROCK App are located in Areas. Within areas, data is separated into two tabs, Measurements and Objects. You can toggle between the two tabs by selecting one or the other.


ROCK App Areas Organization.png

The Measurements tab contains all measurements and materials generated within an Area.  Measurements display in a grid format and appear as squares on the measurement grid.

  • Active measurements appear (in the color of the area) at the top of the screen. 
  • Completed measurements appear greyed out at the bottom of the screen.

Visit the Measurement Section of the support guide for additional details on the features of Measurements


ROCK App Object Notes.PNG

Objects include items that are not individual measurements that are organized in an area.  Objects contain a variety of items that appear in a grid layout. 

  • Notes - Use notepad like utility to create punchlists, issues, or any kind of text notes
  • Pictures/Documents - Capture jobsite photos or documents to associate with an area
  • Annotations - take photos, documents, or blank canvas and annotate with lines and measurements
  • Calculator Outputs - calculator or utility outputs can be saved for further viewing
  • Inspections - Save custom inspection outputs 
  • Conversion Outputs - Convert units and save for reference
  • Groups - combine photos, notes, and documents to associate with an single group
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