Making a Manual Measurement

While measurements can be imported from the T1 Tomahawk and other external devices, they can also be created manually in the Area Screen under the measurements tab as well as converted between any units.

  1. Select the "+" icon in the bottom right of the Area screen and select "Measurement"
    • ROCK App Create new Measurement.png
  2. Type in the measurement you would like to add
    • ROCK App Multiple Manual Measurement Entry.png
    • In fractional units, you can use the "Next" button on the keyboard to toggle between cells
    • The Unit tab allows for selecting entry of different units
    • Select the "+" icon if you would like to add multiple measurements at once
    • Select the tag "#Default" if you would like to tag the measurements with a different or new tag
  3. Select "Save Measurements" at the bottom to save to Measurement Grid

Selecting a different units with any cells populated allow the measurements to be converted between units. 

Measurements will appear on the grid in global units regardless of what units they are entered in (i.e. if global units are in cm and a manual measurement is created in inches, they will appear, converted, in cm on the grid)

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