Measurements Overview

Measurements play a central role in the ROCK Jobsite App.  Measurements are displayed in a grid format in Areas under the "Measurements" tab, located below the Area header.  Measurements comprise of several key elements.

ROCK App Area Measurements.png

  • Measurements appear as the Area Color (changing the Area color changes the color of measurements.  Once completed, they turn grey and move to the completed section
    • Measurements can be completed by selecting the square in top corner of the Measurement square or by selecting "Complete" on the Measurement detail page
  • Selecting the "Add Label" grey text at the bottom of a measurement brings up the keyboard and a label can be added to the specific measurement.  Once added, label will appear in yellow text
  • Selecting the measurement itself brings up the measurement detail page which provides additional information on the specific measurement.
  • Units match global units specified in on the Settings Page
    • Units of each Measurement appear in the top center of the Measurement square 
  • The label in the top left corner is unique to the specific measurement and prints on labels 
  • A measurement can be printed to a Label in the Measurement Detail Page
  • New Tags can be created and are added with corresponding measurements underneath the #Default tag
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