Mass Actions on Measurement Grid

When actions are being taken on multiple measurements at a time, the Mass Actions menu can be used to perform multiple operations at once.

  1. Hold down a measurement for two second until blue dot appears in the top right of the grid.
  2. Select any other measurements to be used.
    • ROCK App REEKON Copy paste actions.png
  3. Select the "..." icon
    • ROCK App REEKON Copy paste actions 2.png
  4. From the menu, select one of the following actions
    • Copy - copy selected measurements
    • Tag - change tag for selected measurements 
    • Print - print labels for selected measurements 
    • Paste - paste measurements that have previously been copied
    • Duplicate - make copy of selected measurements in same area
    • Complete All - Complete all measurements in area (no selection required)
    • Delete All - Delete all measurements in Area (no selection required)
    • Delete - Delete selected measurements

Deleted Measurements cannot be recovered once deleted

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