Measurement Detail Page

While the Measurement Grid shows a consolidated view of measurements, they can be selected to see additional attributes and details of a given measurement.  

To enter the measurement detail page, select any measurement on grid by tapping once.

REEKON Rock App Measurement Detail Page.png

On the measurement detail page, the following attributes can be seen:

  • Tag - selecting tag allows changing it 
  • Project/Space/Area - Where measurement is located
  • Measurement Label - AAA format to help identify measurement 
  • Measurement Value - Value of measurement and units label
  • Delete Icon - Use to permanently delete Measurement 
  • View on Map - See location where measurement was recorded
  • User Name and Date - Lists user who created the measurement and date created
  • Add Label - Select to add label to specific measurement 
  • Complete by - Lists user who completed the measurement and date completed
  • Complete Measurement - Mark measurement as completed
  • Print Measurement - Print out Measurement 
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