Making a Compound Material (Angles/Miters)

Some materials that are not being used for straight cuts have angles on the end of them.  You can specify these materials by creating a compound material from the Area page.

  1. Select the "+" icon in the bottom right of the Area screen and select "Material"
    • ROCK App Create new Measurement.png
  2. Select the shape of the material you are making by selecting between end angles or square cuts.
    • ROCK App Miter Compound Materials Angle.png
    • The preview will update its render based on the selection
  3. Select the Material to specify what the part will be cut from
  4. Rename the material (if desired) to help identify it later
  5. Select the dotted squares to populate with measurements or angles.
    • ROCK App Miter Compound Materials Angle 2.png
    • Selecting the "+" square at the beginning of the list allows for new Measurements to be created within the utility.
    • Measurements populate (for selection) based on them being in the Area on the Measurement Grid
    • Once material is fully constrained, missing measurements are populated automtically
  6. Select "Save Material" to save to measurement grid


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