Area Page

The Area page is a central page in the ROCK Jobsite app and keeps all of your measurements, objects, and data organized.  This is a central screen for accessing and creating in the app.

  • Areas are located within Spaces which are located within Projects
  • Areas are the only hierarchy where data is stored (Projects and Spaces help organize but do not contain data)

There are several key elements of the Area page which are covered in more detail in further sections in the support Guide

ROCK App Areas Organization.png

  • Area Header - Identifies which area you are in. The color, image, and name can all be customized (see Modify Area)
  • Swiping on Project Header - Allows you to edit Area or Print label for area.
  • Measurements and Objects Tabs - Toggles between Measurement Grid and Object Grid
  • "+" Icon on Measurement Tab - Create a new manual measurement, angle, or compound (angle cut) material 
  • "+" Icon on Objects Tab - Create a new Note, Photo Annotation, Group, or Conversion
  • #Default - Default tag for measurements on grid.  Additional tags can be created to further organize measurements. 
  • "..." - Mass Actions of measurements including copy, paste, delete, complete, tag, and print
  • Colored Measurements - Match Area color and indicate non-completed measurements
  • Greyed out Measurements - Archieve of completed Measurements 
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