Annotations allow for marking over photos, blank canvas, or documents with helpful information. Common drawing tools along with measurements from a given area can be used to annotate.

To make a new Annotation, follow the below steps.

  1. On the Objects tab in selected Area, select the "+" icon in the bottom right corner and select "Annotations"
  2. If a photo or document is to be added as a background, select the photo Icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Choose "Take Photo" or "Choose from Gallery" to make selection
  4. Once added, you can now use one of many tools available to annotate and mark up the photo
  5. Select the "Check" icon in the top left of the screen to save Annotation 
  6. Preview Icon now appears in the preview screen in the Objects Grid.

ROCK App Edit Object.png

Many tools are available for use when creating an annotation including:

  • Measurement tiles can be added over the photo to correlate to a dimension 
    • Select measurement title and then drag to location on canvas.  Measurements can be completed within photo annotations as well.
  • Drawing Tools are available and can be used with various line weights and colors for marking
  • Freeform drawing
  • Straight line drawing
  • Selection tool to move or delete previous vectors
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  • I want to annotate a photo I took through the app. When I click on the Gallery it brings up my iPhone photos. The photos in the app are not stored in my iPhone photos.

  • Actually photos selection is labeled Choose Photo not Gallery.

  • Hey Steve, thanks for reaching out.  This is a known bug we are working on fixing.  For now you would need to screenshot the photo and then re-import as an annotation


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