Objects Overview

In the ROCK App, most data that is not a single measurement or material is an Object.  Objects are located in Areas under the "Objects" tab and include:

  • Notes - Use notepad like utility to create punchlists, issues, or any kind of text notes
  • Pictures/Documents - Capture jobsite photos or documents to associate with an area
  • Annotations - take photos, documents, or blank canvas and annotate with lines and measurements
  • Calculator Outputs - calculator or utility outputs can be saved for further viewing
  • Inspections - Save custom inspection outputs 
  • Conversion Outputs - Convert units and save for reference
  • Groups - combine photos, notes, and documents to associate with a single group
    • ROCK App Objects Photos.png

Objects can be created in two primary ways.  By default, Objects will save to the last used Area but certain utilities allow for selection of save location.

  • Selecting the "+" Icon in the bottom right of the Object Grid screen (Notes, Pictures, Annotations, Groups, Conversions)
    • ROCK App make new object.png
  • Saving a calculator or utility output from the Utility tab

Objects preview icons appear in a grid format under areas once they are saved and include a title, when they were created, and .  In general, there are two primary object screens

  • Preview Object - When selecting a previously saved Object, a preview screen appears first to prevent accidental editing.  
    • ROCK App Preview Object.png 
    • Selecting the the "i" icon brings up attributes information about the Object and allows renaming
    • The print icons prints a label that links to the specific object
    • The pencil icon allows for editing of the object
  • Edit Object - Allows for editing of the Objects including additions, deletions, and other modifications
    • ROCK App Edit Object.png


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