Folders allow for notes and photos to be organized together. Folders are groups of objects which allow for associated objects to be bundled (or Grouped) together.  Folders are particularly useful for:

  • Things, objects, assemblies, or materials that may change over time and allow for documentations and photos to be kept centralized in relation to one another
  • A prefabricated element that changes location or form - Groups allow for modification tracking and location tracking
  • Items with associated documentation across trades (manuals, warranty registrations, trade specific instructions)
  • Safety Record tracking and associated documentation 
  • With the P1L Tagger printer, QR codes codes can be generated and printed that link directly to a Group

ROCK App Groups.png

To Create a new Group:

  1. On the Objects tab in selected Area, select the "+" icon in the bottom right corner and select "Groups"
  2. Add a Title for the Note at the top of the screen
  3. Add an Image for Group (to be used on preview screen) along with Name and Description for the Group
  4. Select "Save Group" at Bottom of Screen
  5. Preview Icon now appears in the preview screen in the Objects Grid.
  6. Select the Icon on the Objects Grid
  7. Using the "+" icon in the bottom right of the screen, you can now add additional Photos, Notes, and Annotations which will be all be associated as part of the selected group.


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