Calculators and Utilities Overview

The ROCK Jobsite App contains a variety of calculators and utilities that integrate directly with measurements generated in the ROCK App or ones that are manually created.   Utilities are updated frequently and cover a variety of applications including:

  • Unit Conversion - Convert between a variety of units in english, metric, SI and more.
  • Fractional Calculator - use existing measurements along with 
  • Construction Calculators - Every construction calculator imaginable in highly visual, easy to follow input and outputs
  • Optimizers - Optimize material usage based on input 
  • Estimators - Estimate amount of materials needed for specific operation or job

There are several ways to access utilities and calculators from the "Utilities" Icon on the bottom bar as well as some that accessible from the Area Measurements and Objects page by selecting the "+" button.

ROCK App Utilites and Calculators .png

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