ROCK Jobsite App Release Notes

The below highlights the ROCK App Releases and associated notes covering improvements, fixes, and new features.

July 2nd, 2024 (1.1.16) - New Construction Calculators, Default Value, In Line Calculators

  • New construction calculators
  • Default Value added to calculators
  • In-line calculator option in all construction calculators
  • Revamped custom calculator builder

May 30th, 2024 (1.1.9) - Guest Mode, Printer Improvements, Utilities

  • Guest mode added to try app without login
  • Various big fixes and bluetooth stability improvements
  • QR Code Scanning added to App for Location Links
  • Additional Utilities and Calculators
  • Printing Utility Improvements for Label Making

May 2nd, 2024 (1.1.3) - Simplification of Navigation/Core Functions

Hello all! Over the past few months, we have been hard at work on the ROCK Jobsite making it a better and more streamlined experience based on feedback from our community. We struck a careful balance of keeping the core functionality in the app while simplifying the overall experience. This represents a major change in the app layout while enhancing almost every aspect of functionality.

Below we have outlined some of the highlights available on Thursday, May 2nd in the 1.1.1 release of the ROCK Jobsite App.

We look forward to hearing feedback and suggestions on the app as well!

  • Eliminated location selection when going into a calculator or a utility
  • Reorganized navigation page on a side bar
  • Simplification of navigation and connectivity to T1 Tomahawk (Removed Spaces, Moved project organizations to side drawer navigation)
  • Spaces removed but no data lost, all Areas moved under same Project
  • Removed save location picker page to default to open Area
  • One click navigation and access to most major functions
  • Added customizable Shortcuts page
  • Utility Navigation streamlined
  • Custom calculators added for all users including CSV export

ROCK App Update REEKON Tools.jpg

April 23, 2024 (1.0.51) - T1 Firmware Updating

  • Improved T1 Firmware Updating and new T1 features 
  • Bugs and stability

March 20, 2024 (1.0.46) - SSO, Android Bluetooth Support, and Enhancements

  • Added Google SSO as sign up option
  • Android Support for Bluetooth now works back as early as Android 6
  • App information cards added 
  • Enhanced QR code generation including Quad label generation
  • Image printing on P1L Tagger Printer
  • Bug fixes - PDF preview, area analytics, Android CSV export, general stability 

February 16, 2024 (1.0.41) - Firmware Upgrades

  • Area Analytics - see min, max, average, and total length for collections of measurement
  • Batch Formulas - apply formulas to groups of measurements and have them calculated automatically
  • Tolerances - set fractional (1/4"-1/128") and decimal tolerances to persist globally in app
  • Annotation and markup revamp - rotate text, improved menu bar and gesture handling
  • Label printing improvements - new features, image generation, global logo change
  • Bug fixes - feet entry, saving calculators changing units, ability to delete conversions

February 5, 2024 (1.0.33) - Firmware Upgrades

  • Improved stability for T1 Tomahawk Firmware Upgrading 

January 16, 2024 (1.0.32) - CSV Export, Miter Cuts, Annotations, and Markups

  • CSV Export of measurements from given Area
  • PDF annotation Optimization and general improvement for larger documents
  • Ability to indicate Miter cut direction/side directly from Measurement Detail Page
  • Text addition to annotations
  • Automatic population of entry cells directly when T1 Tomahawk connected
  • Enhanced annotation tools
  • Automatic switch to normal keyboard for metric and decimal entry on calculators
  • 5 Digit entry for mm
  • Miter cut addition to measurement detail page
  • Bug fix for 0/0 measurements
  • Bug fix for text getting cut off on calculator outputs for some Android Phones

December 19, 2023 (1.0.23) - PDF Markups and Speed of Entry Enhancements

  • Improved Manual Measurement Creation
    • Optimized entry for entering numbers faster than they can be written down
  • Custom Calculators
    • Make your own custom calculators with specified inputs and outputs.  Create user friendly 
  • PDFs Import And Markup
    • Import PDFs and markup with lines and marking 
  • Object Organization and Filter
    • Sort pictures, annotations, saved outputs and more by date and category
  • Fractional Calculator Enhancements
    • Cleaned up calculator interface 
  • Auto Advancing Calculators
    • Automatically advance to next input field in construction calculators
      General Cleanup and speed optimization for accessing features and functions in app

November 21, 2023 (1.0.16) - T1 Firmware Upgrades

  • Stability and improvements for T1 Tomahawk upgrading process
  • Use Case, Profession, and Trade selection fix on iOS
  • Naming conventions of connected T1 Tomahawk Tools

October 31st, 2023 (1.0.12) - Scalable Canvas and Calculators 

The October Release of the ROCK Jobsite App is packed with great features and fixes highlighted below:
  • Cleanup and swiping actions added to Area Page
  • Color pallets refined to match Projects and Areas to one another
  • Measurement grid on Area page scrolls upon creating or adding new measurement
  • Settings and profile page refinement
  • General bug fixes
Photo Annotations
  • Ability to pan and zoom on annotations allowing seamless collaborations between phones and tablets
Fractional Calculator
  • Fractional outputs on calculator
  • Added parentheses for fractional calculator as operators
  • History view for Fractional Calculator
  • AbIlity to edit previous measurements
Construction Calculators
  • Ability to pan and zoom on calculators
  • Added Rolling Offset Calculator
  • Added Conduit Bending Calculators (offset, 3 point saddle, 4 point saddle, parallel offset, 90 degrees)

September 14th, 2023 (1.0.5)- Initial Release

  • Literally everything is new, enjoy! 
  • Report any bugs you find here
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