When to use Inspections vs Annotations

Compared with photo annotations (which are better suited for free form and one offs), Inspections allow for structured inputs and calculations to be defined.  The below outlines some key differences between the two.


  • Repeating a process multiple times
  • Generating outputs and calculations as a part of process
  • Looking to capture data in a defined way
  • Generate specific utility or calculation
  • Replace clunky spreadsheet 
  • Way for veterans/supervisors to instruct field crews for specific dimension and data capture
  • Instruct less experienced coworkers on how and what to collect
  • ROCK App Filling In inspection.png


  • Free form, add elements and lines anywhere
  • Single instance use
  • Fast notes and mockup for personal use
  • Make notes on particular location vs something that will be used multiple time
  • ROCK App Edit Object.png


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