Measurement Calculator

The Measurement Calculator is an integrated calculator that allows for measurements generated to be both manually inputted (using either a traditional or fractional optimized keyboard) along with measurements already saved in a given Area.  

  1. Open the Calculator in one of two ways  
    • Go to Utilities (Bottom Icon) > Utilities (Category) > Calculator
    • From the Area Measurement Screen, select the "+" icon and press "Calculator"
  2. Swiping on the keyboard allows user to change between three primary keyboards
    • Fractional Entry - Optimized for fractional input 
    • Normal Calculator - Generalized numerical input
    • Stored Measurements - Allows measurements in given Area to be used as part of calculation
  3. Perform any needed mathematical operations and select "=" when completed.
  4. You may save the output as a new measurement by selecting the save icon in the top right of the screen

ROCK App Fractional Calculator .png

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