Initial Setup - M1 Caliber

With your saw setup ready, it is time to mount your M1 Caliber.  This articles series will walk you through getting setup on the M1 Caliber and making cuts as quickly as possible!


1) Remove the M1 Caliber Measuring Tool from protective HTF Case

Open the flap on front of the HTF case and remove the M1 from the box.  A copy of the Quick Start Guide may be found in the front slot at the front of the case.  The quick start guide covers many of the topics outlined here and can make a useful reference to have when needed for a particular operation on the M1. (Note: Batteries not included and replacement wheel sold separately.)



2) Gently peel off the M1 Caliber Screen protector



3) Install 2 AA batteries into the batter compartment 

  • The thumb screw is captive and does not need to be removed completely from the yellow cover.
  • Insert batteries so that the visible side of the battery matches the adjacent marking on the plastic holder (see images below) and refasten cover.
    • Note: If batteries are installed incorrectly, the unit will not power on.
  • Ensure cover is flush and screw has been tightened down once complete.


4) Attach the M1 Caliber to the saw fence

The M1 Caliber should securely sit on the left side of the saw fence with its feet on flat surfaces (not on rib features).  Verify it is securely attached to saw fence once complete. If you purchased and require an Adapter Fence to mount the M1 to (based on your saw compatibility) you will need to install the Adapter Fence before proceeding.

  • To clamp to the saw fence, place palm on top of clamp and fingertips on lower handle, ensuring you do not touch the release latch. The release latch is only needed for removing from saw fence and its activation will not allow the M1 Caliber to lock its clamp. 

  • Applying a firm grip, squeeze the two surfaces together.  A clicking sound can be heard once the clamp is properly secured

  • To remove, utilize the same grip (as above) while pressing the yellow release latch to release the clamp force and remove from the fence.



Note: The Adapter Fence may be required if your fence does not meet the minimum specifications. 

5) Release the arm downward


  • Unlocking To unlock the arm and begin to measure, push the arm up towards the bottom of the M1 housing (a click sound can be heard at the top of the motion) then guide the arm down to meet the surface of the saw base.
    • For newer M1s with a ball spring plunger, the arm can be pulled down directly 
  • Locking To lock the arm in the upright position (when you are finished using the M1 for the day), push the arm up until it meets the bottom of the M1 housing and allow the arm to extend slightly as it lowers (a click sound can be heard) to the resting position. 
    • For newer M1s with a ball spring plunger, the arm can be pushed up and lock will automatically engage

Once complete with the initial M1 Mounting Setup, proceed to the next step where you will calibrate your M1 to match your tape measure.

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