Arm Mechanism - M1 Caliber

The M1 Caliber's arm automatically adjusts to the height of the material being slid underneath it.  In addition to adjusting automatically, the M1's arm can be locked in the upright position when not in use and for storage.  

If you have purchased an M1 Caliber recently (-C or -D SKU model number), you have an updated mechanism which can be pull directly down without damaging.  This upgraded mechanism is more reliable and longer last than earlier versions.  To lock, simply press back up and the arm will re-engage.  The below instructions can be ignored for these new versions.

To Unlock the Arm (down)

To unlock the arm and begin to measure, push the arm up towards the bottom of the M1 housing (a click sound can be heard at the top of the motion) then guide the arm down to meet the surface of the saw base.



To Lock the Arm (up)

To lock the arm in the upright position (when you are finished using the M1 for the day), push the arm up until it meets the bottom of the M1 housing and allow the arm to extend slightly as it lowers (a click sound can be heard) to the resting position.

Note: Extend lifetime of wheel ensuring to always keep arm in upright, locked position, when not in use or in storage.


Mechanical Fuse and Resetting

While not recommended (as it may cause long term issues) the M1 arm has a built in Mechanical Fuse to prevent damage if the arm is pulled down to activate.  This is a "accident prevention" feature and is not recommended to be used routinely as it will damage the M1 and may void the warranty.  

If the fuse is activated, simply push the arm back up to the top of the device which will reset the fuse and allow normal operation to resume.  


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  • Received my Reekon M1 Caliber on this past Tuesday.

    Upon removing the unit from packaging I must have touched the power button and had apparently moved the arm up inadvertently. (the arm released)

    After reading the instructions I pressed the power button and pushed the arm up and it locked into place.  Since then the arm hasn't released again, I have tried many times over the last two days, the arm will not release.

    Help!  Thanks

  • HI Richard, with the newer M1s, you can just pull the arm down to release as they have an upgraded mechanism in them!

  • The arm on my device won’t stay up in the locked position even though there is a “click”. Any ideas how I can get over this?

  • Hey Mark, shoot us an email at with your device serial name and revision and we would be happy to assist! 


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