Buttons - M1 Caliber

The Buttons on the M1 Caliber have been simplified to make any function easily and readily accessible. While more detailed explanations can be found in the respective articles for the below buttons, this article outlines a consolidate guide to using and navigating the button functions on the M1 Caliber.




Top Level Button Functions 

Turn on M1

Simple press of the right button.


Turn off M1

Hold the right button for 2 seconds until "OFF" appears on LCD display.


Zero to Begin New Measurement

Simple press of left button to reset the measurement to the blade thickness. Screen_Shot_2021-02-18_at_2.34.41_PM.png

Set Blade Offset

Hold the center button for 5 seconds to change blade offset. For more details, see First Cuts with your M1 Caliber.


Select angle

Simple press of the right button will allow you to change the angle. For more details, see Getting Started with Angled Cuts.


Switch Units

Simple press of center button will scroll through the unit options. For more details, see Measurement Units.


Switching to Right-Side Mounted Mode

The M1 Caliber is intended for use on the left side of the saw. For more details on how to use flipped mode, see Using the M1 Caliber on the right side of the saw.


Calibration Mode (Starting with M1 off)

Calibration is an important step in making sure you get repeatable and accurate cuts. For more details, see Calibrating your M1 Caliber.


Factory Reset (Starting with M1 off)

If you ever need to perform a factory reset, make sure to review steps and precautions at Factory Resetting your M1 Caliber.


Play Frogger (secret) 


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