Measurement Units - M1 Caliber

The M1 Caliber's digital display can display the most commonly used linear units in a large and easy to read format. By default, the M1 Caliber will display units in inch fractional mode with 1/32" resolution.  However, by selecting the units button (the middle button with the ruler icon), you can easily toggle and convert measurements as desired.  Your measurement unit selection will be saved and will remain as the default value even after the unit is powered off.




Button Presses Unit Abbreviation Display
(Default) inch fractional (1/32) in XXXX XX/XX
1 feet-inch decimal ft XXXX.XX
2 feet-inch fractional (1/16) ft XX XX XX/XX
3 centimeters decimal cm XXXX.XX
4 millimeters decimal mm XXXX.XX
5 meters decimal m XXXX.XX
6 inch decimal  in XXXX.XX
7 inch fractional (1/16) in XXXX XX/XX
  • There may appear to be two inches fractional modes.  However, they differ by the displayed resolution where the default is 1/32" but users can select 1/16" resolution where speed is more critical


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