Adapter Fence - M1 Caliber

While the M1 Caliber has been designed to work with as many fences as possible directly, there are some saw models where direct connections are not possible due to fence height, geometry, or other obstructions.  In these instances, an Adapter Fence can be used to allow the M1 to mount to almost any miter saw fence ever made.  The adapter fence is compatible with almost every miter saw style fence with two holes on each side of it.  



The Adapter Fence may be purchased through Amazon Prime or our eBay Store

1) Clean your saw base and fence of any debris of obstructions.



2) Align Adapter Fence to meet blade cut location  


  • Location should be centered on saw and have equal stick on either side 

3) Determine which size fastener to use 


  • Your fastener selection should be checked to ensure it will go through the back of the fence properly but not stick out the front side.


4) While holding in correct location, begin to fasten fence to saw


  • Use a washer for each screw that you select.  
  • Ensure fence remains flush against the fence and on the deck of the saw on both ends
  • Start with one fastener on each side 
  • Four (4) fasteners total must be used to ensure safe operation once initial cut is made.
  • Verify fence has been mounted securely and is flush on both the bottom and back side.

5) Mount M1 to fence


  • M1 should mount directly to the aluminum extrusion with the REEKON logo in the top left side of the fence.

6) Follow Procedures in Quick Start Guide for steps to setup and calibrate your M1 Caliber



Note: Initial cut will go through fence which is normal.  The fence itself is made out of MDF which is often used to make sacrificial fences and will half prevent splintering of cuts made in wood.

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  • How do I purchase an adapter fence? I just received my M1 but it doesn’t fit my miter saws fence.

  • Brandon Cohen Hey Brandon, while we are still in process of fulfilling pre-orders, please send us an email at and we would be happy to assist, thanks!

  • I bought my M1 Caliber but didn't realize it needs a Reekon M1 Caliber adapter fence since my fence for the Bosch GCM12SD Miter needs one. Been trying order one for a few months now and the are still are unavailable for purchase. It is an expensive door stop at this point. Looks like a great product and cannot wait to use it. Has anyone make fence for this product that I can use with the Bosch GCM12SD Miter? I am not giving up on them yet. I know supply chain has been crazy lately and all.

    Great customer Service. Matthew reply back to me the next day with help with the item.


  • I bought my husband an M1 Caliber.  We have been trying to find the adapter fence to go with it, but have not had any luck.  Do you have any idea as to when they will be available to purchase?

  • Hi Lori, please send us an email and we would be happy to help! 


  • I have a Metabo Miter saw Model C10FCG(S) and am in need of an adapter fence ignorer to use the M1 Caliber. What are my options?


  • I have a Rigid MS1290LZA saw, I can’t find the adapter fence anywhere. How do I get one?

  • Hi Leonard, we are out of stock on Amazon right now but send us an email and we may be able to help out! 

  • LeRoy Ellis, email Looking for adapter fence.


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