Determining Blade Width - M1 Caliber

In order to output proper accurate measurements measurements, the M1 Caliber automatically applies a blade offset value to a measurement, each time the zero button is pressed.  This value compensates for the kerf or material removed each time a cut is made as the final piece of material is always located on the opposite side of the saw to which the M1 Caliber is mounted.  

While you may already know your blade width, determining for the first time is very straight forward. There are two primary methods for determining this value:


1) Read from your saw blade or consult manufacturer

Some saw blade manufacturers include the kerf of the saw blade on the packaging or blade itself.  In this case, it is very straight forward to note the value and enter the blade width to the M1.



2) Measure kerf from partial cut

For instances where the manufacturer does not list the blade width, it is very straight forward to use a tape measure to record the blade width.

  • Make a cut in a scrap piece of wood.  Do not go all the way through the material
  • Using a tape measure (or calipers if available) determine the width of the resultant cut.  (In English units, in between lines on a standard 1/16" tape measure would equate to 1/32" of an inch)
    • CRR_6223.jpg
    • The above image would equate to a 3/32" blade width (2.4mm) 
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