Familiarization and Saw Setup - M1 Caliber

Congratulations on getting an M1 Caliber Measuring Tool!  The M1 Caliber is a powerful companion to miter saw style saws (along with other linear measuring applications), significantly improving the speed and accuracy of cuts.  This guide will walk you through the initial setup process of the M1 to ensure you get setup quickly and correctly.  



Saw Setup

Proper saw setup will ensure you get the most accurate results from the M1 Caliber.  Below illustrates our recommended configuration.


  • Support is essential for material to properly slide on the saw.  Ensure both sides have stable support able to accommodate the type and length of materials you plan to cut with the M1.
  • While many different configurations for saw stands exist, the key elements are having a firm, stable position for the saw itself and support on either side of the blade to support material sliding.
  • While the M1 can be mounted to the right side of the saw, it is easier to calibrate and understand its setup following the procedure outlined in this guide with the M1 mounted on the left side.

Saw Setup Examples

M1-Caliber-Adapter-FenceM1 Caliber Miter Saw Stand


M1 Caliber Components

Understanding the terminology for the M1 Components will make understanding the rest of the support support guide easier.

M1 Caliber Labeled Diagram

M1 Caliber Measuring Tool


Screen Diagram

The backlit LCD screen on the M1 Caliber contains a wealth of information laid out to be as visible as streamlined as possible.  

 M1 Caliber Screen Diagram


Now that you have setup your saw and are more familiar with the M1, lets get the M1 mounted to your saw fence.

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