Using on the Right Side of the Saw - M1 Caliber

While the M1 Caliber is oftentimes used on the left side of the saw, it will work on the right side of the saw as well.  This is particularly useful for woodworkers and professionals who prefer to hold the finish piece of material with their left hand while cutting.  Below outlines the procedure for mounting to the right side of the saw.

Note: While the M1 is mounted to the right side of the saw, the spring loaded arm will need to be picked up and placed on top of the wood to begin a new piece of material (vs the left side where it will adjust automatically when material is slid into it).  


1) Ensure you have a proper area to mount the saw to on the right side of the saw blade (the right side has the same clamping requirements as the left).


2) Clamp the M1 to the right side of the saw fence




3) Turn on M1 Caliber

  • Press the power button (right button) once.


4) Hold the zero button for 10 seconds.

  • In order to reverse the negative and positive directions (and ensure the blade offset is being applied correctly), the M1 needs to know which side of the saw its mounted to in order to account for the values properly.




5) Screen Will Display "FLIP"




6) The M1 is now ready to measure  

Be sure to lift up the arm and place on top of the material before beginning measuring a new piece of material.



Note: Flipping measuring directions will be saved on the M1 until flip procedure is completed again or the unit is factory reset.

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