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Calibration Troubleshooting



  • Jose Diaz

    I recently get 2 M1, and one of them seems to have the wheel move more freely than the other one, and with the vibrations that make the saw, while changing angles, or simply starting the saw, the more sensitive M1 wheel, starts moving and changes the measure display, this is particularly annoying when tryin to set on zero and then moving the saw for an angle cut, is there’s a way to tighten more the wheel?, so it doesn’t move to much?

  • Derrick Rock

    Hello Jose, thanks for reaching out.  It sounds like there might be a loose magnet in the wheel.  Please send us an email at and wed be happy to help get everything up and running! 

  • pru bldrs


    I get my M1 in 2021 for personal reasons i just opened today and tried to calibrate it, i follow the instructions ( hold the zero and blade buttons and then i press the power once and never show me the calibration mode, the screen is on but is completely black and when i release the two buttons the screen goes to 0 0.00

  • Tony Pierce

    I purchased my m1 about 6 months ago and have just now mounted it to my new mitersaw, I have went through the calibration process several times and it always winds up being from to 3" off over 6', its always off the same amount, help

  • Derrick Rock

    hey Tony, please send us an email at and we would be happy to help! 


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