Setting the Blade Width - M1 Caliber

Setting your blade width is essential for accurate cuts.  Since the final piece of material, once cut, is on the side opposite where the M1 is mounted to, the kerf (or material removed by the width of the cutting blade) must be accounted for.  Setting the blade with is a simple process that is automatically saved once applied.  



1) Hold the blade offset button for 5 seconds to enter the selection menu




  • Screen will flash "blade" then enter selection mode with the saw blade icon blinking


2) Select the units button to toggle to your desired measurement units.



  • Selecting the units button allows you to toggle between inches (decimal), inches (fractional), and millimeters mode for setting blade width.
  • Regardless of the mode you enter you blade offset in, the M1 will automatically adjust the blade offset to whatever units you are measuring in while using the device.  

3) Use the wheel to rotate until the desired blade width is displayed


  • Rotating the wheel counterclockwise to increase, clockwise to decrease
  • Most saw blades for miter saws are around 3/32" (2.40mm)
  • Check our article on determining saw blade width for additional details on determining your blade width

4) Hit the zero button to confirm blade width


  • Blade width is now saved to the M1.  This value is saved during power off and only will be deleted during calibration or factory reset.  


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  • My screen says 'OFF' ... the saw blade is not being considered.  How do you turn it back on?

  • Hi David, select the angle button to toggle to "00.0 degrees"

  • I think I have gone through this about 10 times and I've gone from 0 - 2in on offset for the kerf of the blade, yet it's always 1/16th short. It's like the blade offset doesn't actually work or I've completely lost the point of the offset.

  • Hi Michael, please send a video to us at as this may be a claibration or blade offset issue.


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