Adjusting the Laser Position of the T1 Tomahawk

The green laser line position, by default, is aligned and centered with the front reference surface of the T1 Tomahawk providing an accurate extension to mark and align adjacent surfaces to.  However, drops, bangs, and other factors may cause the alignment to drift.  This can be adjusted and realigned by the user.

Tools Needed

  • P0 Phillips Head Screwdriver 
  • Framing square (or similar)

1) Remove laser adjustment cover from the T1 Tomahawk

Remove T1 Laser Cover.gif

  • Use P0 Phillips head to remove two total screws, one on each side, of the cover

2) Align T1 and Framing square to be square to one another

  • Extend tape blade out of the way

3) Turn on T1 Laser

  • Power button located inbetween belt clip with green line on it

4) Using the pitch and yaw adjustment, align laser to edge of square

Laser Adjustment.gif

Laser Adjustment.jpg

  • Arrows on side of T1 indicate direction laser will remove
  • Using P0 Phillips head screwdriver, adjust pitch and yaw (angle and distance from front surface)
  • Do not force rotation beyond edges of travel or internal flexure may be damaged. 

5) Ensure Laser is square and at desired position

  • Laser should be square to T1 body
  • Laser should be centered and square relative to front reference surface for best results

6) Reassemble laser adjustment cover

Laser Cover.jpg

  • Slide on and re-attach 2 phillips head screws (in holes closest to front of T1)
  • Do not overtighten phillips head screws


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