Updating T1 Tomahawk Firmware

From time to time, REEKON Tools releases firmware updates for the T1 Tomahawk that add additional features, stability, and improvements to the tool.  The T1 can be upgrades from any mobile device with the ROCK Jobsite App installed and connected to the T1 over bluetooth.  

T1 Tomahawk Release Notes


On occasions, this process may take more than one attempt to complete.  If an error appears after installing an update, the firmware will need to be reinstalled again to correct the issue following the same procedure below. 

Ensure you have installed the latest version of the ROCK Jobsite App Before Upgrading

1) Download and install the ROCK Jobsite App (if not already installed) and login to your account (or create a new one if you have not used before)

2) On the bottom menu, navigate to the "Tools" Menu

  • Ensure the ROCK App has bluetooth permissions granted on your phone

3) Connect to the T1 Tomahawk to be upgraded

  • T1 should be powered on and nearby phone
  • Serial name will match serial name of T1 located on bottom product label

5) Click anywhere on the connected T1 banner

  • This will bring up the T1 detail page

6) Click banner for firmware upgrade

  • If it is red, there is a new firmware available to upgrade to
  • If unavailable, the newest firmware that is compatible with your tool is installed. 
  • T1 Tomahawk Firmware Upgrade.png

7) Review release notes and start

  • Do not touch phone or T1 during this process
  • Process generally takes 5-10 minutes to complete
  • T1 Tomahawk Firmware Update.png

8) Complete Firmware Upgrade

  • Don't touch the T1 until update has fully completed and the Blade Setup Screen appears.

9) Complete Blade Setup Procedure Upon Completion

If you have any issues during the setup process, check the troubleshooting article here

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  • Attempting to update firmware. Have tried all suggestions but in the end the T1 Error 64 or Error 65. The Digital Ink display says "Update required"

    I have repeatedly tried this process.. restarting my phone, updating the App, reinstalling the app, pulling the battery.


  • Hey Jim, please send us an email at contact@reekon.tools and we would be happy to help get this figured out! 

  • This is not working. I followed all of the directions multiple times. I'm getting "ERROR 1" and a message on the screen "update required, connect to app to update firmware". 

  • Hi WB, please send us an email at contact@reekon.tools and I would be happy to help

  • I checked today and the rock ap does not have a firmware update for the T1 yet...


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