Power and Sleep Modes on T1 Tomahawk

The T1 Tomahawk is designed with many built in features to optimize power usage.  Generally, in routine conditions, the T1 Tomahawk battery will last several days on the jobsite.  The below lists out, in more detail, the various Power modes on the T1 Tomahawk.  The below times are meant only as approximations and highly dependent on a variety of conditions and use cases.

Power On (actively using T1)

  • 15-18 hours (Approximately depending on use case and environment)
  • Enters sleep mode, automatically, after 3 minutes

Sleep Mode  (Screens off, Battery Installed)

  • 1 week +  depending on environmental conditions.
  • Enters off mode after 3 hours
  • Wakes up after moving tape blade or pushing a button on T1


  • Several Months of T1 sitting on a shelf or installed in unit
  • Turn off by holding the power button for 3 seconds
  • Turn on from clicking power button on T1
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  • How do you know the unit is off vs sleep mode? I’m always having to charge this when I go to use it after a week or so. Seems like a firmware upgrade to auto off after several hours w/o use would make sense?

  • Hi John, the device powers off without use after 6 hours now and after 2 hours with an upcoming firmware upgrade.  If you move the tape and the screen does not turn back on, the device is off vs in slep mode


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