T1 Tomahawk Firmware Release Notes

The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure release notes may be found below:

Release 0.5.13 (Current Production Release)

  • (New Feature) Groups - organize measurements into Groups on the T1 E paper display to further enhance organization
  • (New Feature) Layout guide - select measurement from e-paper display and have laser turn on at measurement and multiples of the measurement
  • (New Feature) Live View - View measurements from the T1, in real time, from the ROCK App.
  • (Bug Fix) Power Saving Operations
  • (Bug Fix) Power button turns unit off, not put to sleep
  • General Stability and data handling improvements

Release 0.4.9 

  • Upgrading enhancements
  • Stability Improvements 

Release 0.4.8 

  • Improved encoder algorithm accuracy 
  • Enhanced error functionality
  • Updated feature set for release
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  • I upgraded on 0.5.13 and now I can't seem to change the measurement units using the button on the side.

  • Hi Steve, please send us an email at contact@reekon.tools and we would be happy to check! 


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