T1 Tomahawk to ROCK App

The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure connects directly with the ROCK Jobsite app and automatically shares saved measurements.  The following guide outlines how to connect to the T1 along with expected behavior once connected.

  1. Go to the "Tools" Screen on the bottom menu 
  2. Select "Scan For Tools"
    • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled and permissions are granted for ROCK Jobsite App to access
  3. Select the T1 you would like to connect to
  4. Once connected, T1 will appear under the connection screen with a yellow outline around it
  5. Navigate to Area of your choosing to import measurements into

Once connected, the following behaviors can be expected between the T1 and ROCK App

  • Measurements will import to currently selected Area.  Switching Areas in the app will change the location that measurements are saved to (last active Area)
  • Bluetooth to phone connection can maintain signal between 10-30 feet depending on environmental factors
  • ROCK App must be running in the background but phone does not need to be on to capture measurements.  This behavior may vary by phone, platform, permissions, and manufacturer
  • Previously saved measurements to the T1 (that were saved to the EPpaper screen without being connected to the ROCK App) will import to the active Area once.
    • If previously saved measurements are imported to an area, reconnecting the T1 to another phone or account will not reimport the same measurements.
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  • Finally got the product! but the measurements are not syncing. 


  • Hello Faisal, please send us an email at contact@reekon.tools and we would be happy to assist! 

  • Problem solved it is now working perfectly. I would suggest more clarity with the directions, including pictures, would help too. 

  • We need a way to force upload of measurements from epaper to an area in app.

  • I have followed every instruction to the exact letter and I still can not get the tool to synchronize with the app no matter what I do


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