Clamping to Fence - M1 Caliber

The M1 Caliber's unique clamping mechanism has been designed to work directly with a wide range of saw fences. The M1 can clamp directly to any flat surface less than 7mm (9/32") thick. The clamping feet have extended arms to allow the M1 to clear any ribs on the rear of the fence, allowing you to clamp anywhere along the fence. 

If you would like to see if your specific saw model is listed in our table (to check for direct or Adapter Plate compatibility) check out our helpful Saw Fence Compatibility Chart.




Clamping Requirements Diagram 



Clamping Tips

  • Clamping feet should be clear of any obstructions or ribs
  • Clamping feet pads should have and maintain full contact on flat surface 
  • M1 Body is rigidly coupled to the Saw Fence
  • When clamping ensure that fingers are not triggering the lower handle latch to release the clamp

Clamping Examples 








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  • Your compatibility chart shows it is compatible with Ridgid R4222, but upon trying to install it does not fit the fence. Might want to update your compatibility chart

  • Hey Joel, do you mind emailing us a picture as it should be able to mount to it?

  • What email would you like me to send pictures to?

  • 0
  • I’ve got the same saw R4222. Did this ever get resolved?

  • No! After sending pictures to Derrick he stated they were going to notate this on the compatibility chart. Looks like they never updated the compatibility chart. You might be able to get it to clamp but the wheel will not reach the base as seen in the picture below.


  • Yup. That’s where I’m at too. I got it to clamp, but the wheel doesn’t touch my 2x wood.

    That’s disappointing. So now I’ve got a useless tool. I was looking forward to using this.


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