Where can I purchase the T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure?

The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is available for pre order now

The only authorized reseller of the T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is on Indiegogo


The T1 was previous offered on Kickstarter as well between March 22nd and May 22nd.

Any other site claiming to offer and ship the T1 Tomahawk is fraudulent and should be reported to contact@reekon.tools

MSRP for the T1 Tomahawk is $259.99



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  • Can I acquire and replace the tape if it should get damaged? 

  • I can change the. Measurement system from inches to centimeters?

  • Where can I buy one

  • How can i buy one ?

  • This T1 is well designed, i want one, February they say, now my question is in most job sights i been in you got dirt in the air you got saw dust in the air you got concrete mix in the air and exposure to water here and there and in time I have noticed it takes roughly under a year for the backside of the measuring tape to wear down to the metal and if this tape has “CODE” printed on the back side….. can the tape be replaced just the tape line? Should i worry about this? I love that back side use and the measurement recorder 👍

  • Hello the Tape Measure blade is fully replaceable should anything get damaged! 

  • Gdzie mogę kupić ostrze taśmy

  • Gdzie mogę kupić wymienne ostrze taśmy mierniczej

  • Do you have in stock? and time delivery?


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