Blade Setup (Calibration) T1 Tomahawk

The Blade Setup process is a procedure designed to ensure the markings on the tape measure blade perfectly match the digital screen display.  The process is very simple and is performed at the factory before a T1 is shipped.  The only time a user should need to perform this process is when:

  • You are replacing a tape measure blade in the T1
  • A firmware upgrade prompts Blade Setup
  • A Customer Support Agent directs you to.

The process is very straightforward and the steps are also outlined on the screen. If you are having trouble completing, you can find the troubleshooting guide here.  

REEKON T1 Tomahawk Blade Setup.png

1) Entering the blade setup process may be done automatically or manually

  • Automatically - Must be completed before it can be dismissed
  • Manually - Hold down units button for 10 seconds.  Select "Blade Setup" from menu options to begin

2) Select Blade Type


  • This is based on the pattern printed on the bottom of the blade
  • Blade type is indicated in print in the first 6" (15 cm) 

3) Select English or Metric Units 

  • For English Blades, select english
  • For Metric Blades, Select Metric 
  • For Split Blades, either can be chosen based on your preference 

4) Move tape measure back and forth

  • If move tape appears on OLED display, move tape measure
  • If it does not go away, you may have selected the incorrect blade type 

5) Slowly move tape measure completely in 

  • Ensure blade and magnet fully retracted before selecting the button to confirm step

When the screen indicates to move to 10" - ensure you move back to the tape being fully retracted before recording the measurement next button.  Do not hit the button when the blade is extended or you will get the above error.

6) Move tape measure to exactly 1" or 2 cm 

  • Front reference surface should be centered in between the thickness of line marking

7) Move tape measure to exactly 2" or 4 cm 

  • Front reference surface should be centered in between the thickness of line marking

8) Move tape measure to exactly 3" or 6 cm 

  • Front reference surface should be centered in between the thickness of line marking

9) Move tape measure to exactly 4" or 8 cm 

  • Front reference surface should be centered in between the thickness of line marking

10) Move tape measure to exactly 276" or 700 cm 

  • Front reference surface should be centered in between the thickness of line marking

11) Complete process

  • If there is possibility of blade tip being bent, the following message can appear and you should check your tape measure tip to ensure it is not bent






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  • Word of advice, if you have a model B blade, do the calibration in metric.

    After initially connecting my tomahawk to my phone it was updated to 0.4.9 firmware, not sure what was on it before but I ran to a lot of frustration recalibrating. I tried to recalibrating several times in inches. After getting to the fourth step which is 4 in., it would error telling me that the values were too far off or something to that effect. Went back and recalibrated in meters after the third failure. Worked on the first try.

  • Hey Colin, there should be no difference between English and Metric calibration as the process is entirely alignment based.  Glad to hear you got it working and please reach out if there is anything else we can help with! 

  • I agree it shouldn't make a difference, that's why I mentioned the firmware I was on cause I figure it maybe a software issue. It basically told me my values were too far out of range indicating to me that whatever the stored values were vs what calibration wheel and sensors recorded when I recalibrated, it just thought the difference was too drastic. I ran through it 4 times actually now that I recall, before trying it in Metric.

    I'm guessing because the distance in metric is much smaller and more finite it was willing to play ball with me, but that's just an assumption.

  • I did mine after firmware update.  Used English and had no issues.  I verified it at several locations along the tape and it is dead-on!

  • (Blade B, Metric) I did a firmware update and it forced a calibration cycle, which is fine. It completed but wouldn’t go back to zero (it was fine out of the box) so I watched the video and repeated the process but it kept giving me “Error : Values were too far out of range”. Trawled this forum, no real joy. I ended up removing the battery and then trying again and it worked first time. Also worth noting how it absolutely does return to zero if you follow the instructions properly!


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