Keyboard Mode - Bluetooth Digital Tape Measure

This is currently a Beta feature.  Please complete the form here to request access for testing

The T1 Tomahawk can emulate a keyboard to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device as an HID Keyboard. This feature allows the T1 Tomahawk to connect to any device over Bluetooth and send saved measurements in text format.  The device connects the T1 as it would a normal keyboard and sends any measurement displayed on the OLED screen in the exact format displayed once the save button is displayed. 

This allows measurements to be directly entered in forms, spreadsheets, 3rd party software, and more.

    1. Holding the "Units" button for 10 seconds to enter the main menu
    2. Toggle down to "BT MODE" and press the capture button until "Keyboard" appears.
    3. Select Units button again to exit Main Menu.  A keyboard icon will appear on top of the E-Paper Display.
      1. REEKON Keyboard Bluetooth Tape Measure Digtial.jpg
    4. Connect to T1 from mobile device or computer (T1 will appear as an HID Keyboard)
    5. Select where you would like text populated (this can be an input field, spreadsheet cell, or any text enabled field).
    6. Go to desired measurement on T1 and hit save button
    7. Measurement is populated in text field and advances to next field
      • Measurement is filled in (in units currently selected on T1)
      • Enter key is hit after measurement is populated to advance to next cell/field automatically

Note that the T1 cannot connect to the ROCK App while in Keyboard Mode.

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